Monday, June 16, 2014

President Ma Restaurant

Restaurant in Taichung named "Chairman of the Party" in Chinese. Its English name? President Ma.
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Anonymous said...

Do they serve sour grapes?

Anonymous said...

KMT Menu

-turd sandwiches
-fruit loops
-assorted nuts
-cookoo birdsnest soup
-whine & toecheese

When paying, for KMT discount, just cry and say:

its not fair, its not fair ~

Anonymous said...

If you try to order in Taiwanese, you'll be thrown out or beaten. If you flash your CCP membership card you'll shown straight to the VIP room, offered free alcohol and told everything is on special today.

All the portions will be half the size shown on the menu and be made from far cheaper ingredients.

Halfway through your meal, a Chinese person will walk in and take your food, and behave like it was you that stole from him. However, when you leave you'll still be charged for the food he ate.

When you pay the bill, everything will suddenly cost double. If you complain you'll be taken away by men in black outfits who won't identify themselves.