Monday, June 02, 2014

Monday Links

My friend Flora Chen and I went out riding yesterday, and ran into this woman in purple just as we entered the 145 off the 19 near Pitou. "Is this the 1?" she queried in a piteous voice. She was riding round the island, but had never checked a map and had no idea where she was. Some bike group she contacted told her to take the 1, a road unfit for human use, but by great good luck she had hit probably the best road in the area, the 145. Here we are just before the big bridge into Xiluo. She had left her three children in Hsinchu before deciding to venture the Huandao (round the island ride). She had no idea where anything was located relative to what road or town, but had simply launched herself into space hoping for a happy landing. She was so brave.

Enjoy some links, catching up on work today.
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Mike Fagan said...

Your friend Flora Chen looks far too good-natured to be that "Flora Faun" entity of the Taipei Times.