Thursday, June 05, 2014

Links...for now

A tiny spider hangs in the balance.

I'll have a couple of posts up tonight, but for now, enjoy...
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Anonymous said...

remembrance photo.

yankdownunder said...

What would push America towards war with China? Dump Taiwan, of course

"America cannot prevent China taking control of the island eventually, one way or another."

Seriously? If so, then they cannot stop China from taking control of the other islands, Senkaku. China taking over Taiwan means it will be that much easier to take Senkaku and all the other South/East China sea islands.

yankdownunder said...

"The Philippine government says it has confirmed that China is engaged in reclamation of 2 more reefs in the disputed Spratly Islands in the South China Sea."

from the "Dump Taiwan" article

What more potent way to show that Obama understands the “new model of great-power relations” than a serious discussion about the future of Taiwan, with necessary deference to China’s interests?

USA must stop supporting China's interests!!
Doing nothing is supporting China. There are many things USA could do to stop China but they do nothing.

"the United States is disappointed" that Japan hurt Chinese sensitive feelings. Unbelievably stupid and wrong. And just one of many instances of USA "deferring to China’s interests".