Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Shorts, links, events

You can watch the monthly pavilion from here.

Dr. Fell at SOAS Taiwan Studies says:
The paperback of Taiwanese Identity in the 21st Century has now been published by our Research on Taiwan book series. The book edited by Jens Damm and Gunter Schubert examines the issue of Taiwanese identity from a range of perspectives.

For details see:
It is also available on Amazon (but 博客來 does not yet have paperback)

If your libraries do not yet have a copy, please do lobby your librarians and now we have the paperback it's even affordable for courses and students!

We are approaching a very active time for Taiwan studies events in early-mid February, including a book launch event in London for Taiwanese Identity in the 21st century, our annual Taiwan Studies lecture and Taiwan Film Week (Feb 10-14). For details see

Please do pass on the information to contacts in the EU.

You can also keep up with our activities via our facebook:

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