Tuesday, January 07, 2014


Welcome to the God Bene Sesame Museum.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Micheal,

Thanks so much for making this blog, I've learned a great deal from you. You're an influence on my series of posts about Beidawushan, now running at my blog (the first couple of posts are already up, and a new one will appear every Friday for the next few months). I would be honored if you linked it (and please point out any inaccuracies you find):


Anonymous said...

What is the "no links to the miniature Annexation Lardbomb at the Taipei Zoo. " about?

Why do you call the 2 real pandas lardbombs?

And googled for lardbombs, and got your post back in 2008. Under it a lot of death-wishers posted the pair of Greek gifts, a.k.a. the real pandas would die soon after arrival. But now the pair are healthy and strong, and their daughter just got old enough to go on public display. Where are those death-wishers now?