Sunday, September 01, 2013

Near Death Experience: Big rock nearly takes out car outside Keelung

This amazing video covers the entire event of a giant rock rolling onto a road and nearly wiping out a car. If you look carefully at the beginning of the video you can see the rock beginning its fall from atop the ridge. The rock is clearly visible on Google streetview shots of the site (below)

...and here is a view of the slide from the air:

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StefanMuc said...

View of the aftermath, taken from the other side. (Front of the car.)

Hopefully nobody was on the passenger side.

StefanMuc said...

Duh - you already had this below. Sorry about that.

Readin said...

Amazing. It looks like a scene from a movie. I expect some director will see it and use it.

Any word on casualties?

@StefanMuc, I would like to see that picture but I'm a little leery of clicking on a site I've never heard of ( Do you know if the picture is available anywhere else?

On Top Of The Wall said...

So if I didn't get your positioning wrong, you are telling me this happened a mere 13 km. away from Jinshan nuclear power plant which is an astonishing 24 km. from Taipei city. I am checking, it does have some hills around, although of course no tthis high and close.
Feel great now.