Friday, September 13, 2013


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Anonymous said...

You post really fast :-) I think Ma is preparing like a dozen of press conferences for this weekend. Unfortunately, his speech writer Luo ZC suddenly resigned yesterday. Now Ma has to write his own accusations, whinings, and self-glorifications.

Anonymous said...

God. You only act when you have a chance of winning. Ma is in charge of negotiating with PR China. God help us all.

Readin said...

Taipei Times is saying DPP is trying to impeach Ma over this. Isn't there some political saying to the effect that when your opponent is self-destructing you should stay out of the way and let him do it?

Given that the DPP's effort won't succeed and will just look like grandstanding on their part - I would think they would be better letting Ma and the KMT have their civil war rather than giving them a common opponent to unite against.

D said...

This is a bigger farce than the Chen Shui Bian tripe. The KMT just needs to go. Come on TW, time to wake up from your political slumber.