Friday, July 26, 2013

Suao-Hualien Ferry!!!!!

Chamber of Commerce, Lukang.

W00t!! W00t!! W00t!!

Apparently a Suao-Hualien ferry is opening on a trial basis....
The Maritime and Port Bureau yesterday confirmed that the Natchan Rera (麗娜輪), a high-speed passenger ship owned by the Wagon Group, had completed trial operations between Suao (蘇澳) in Yilan County and Hualien in May.

Several travel agencies have already booked the ship for package tours billed as a trip over the “Blue Highway,” the bureau said.

The Wagon Group said it would invite a group of distinguished guests for the ship’s pilot run on Aug. 7. Regular passengers can start boarding the ship on Aug. 8, the group said, adding that six voyages are available each week.
Tickets cost between $700 and $1500. It means you can see the sea-cliffs from the sea, a safe and beautiful way to view them. Robert Kelly, longtime expat and travel writer in Taiwan, added on Facebook:

I talked to the Tourism Bureau this morning. They said it is not a regular passenger ferry. You need to buy tickets in advance from this agency:

But this is a trial and no one knows if it will continue:

This is the ferry website (very little info and apparently the phone number is wrong):
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