Saturday, July 20, 2013

PTV Looking for Touching Foreign Tales

PTV sent this to me, so I am sharing it with you. Positive stories strongly welcomed.


Seek touching stories of foreigners in Taiwan!

-Where I can watch?
Now is paper work, will shooting from September 2014
The first season will show on PTV in 2015

-Is this a talk show or variety program?
No, this is a series feature stories, kind of documentary, each episode is 30 mins and only explore one protagonist's story

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-Explore? Story? What you wanna know?
Our documentary wanna explore foreigners' life in Taiwan. Maybe you are a resident immigrant (new inhabitant) or work reason have to stay here or maybe just because you love this island~

But you are not tourist, you live here, you must face cultural shocks, langue problem, or food, weather, statute etc. (I don’t know much, that’s why you have to tell me) and maybe hardships to be adapt. (that’s we wanna explore)

-errrrr? huh? What are you talking about?
For example, there is a women from South American, after marriage, she came here with her Taiwanese husband, they were happy, and have two beautiful kids, but not for long, an accident made she became a widow, not just only two kids, she also have to take care parents-in-law, she face everything alone....

And now, 25 years passed, cuz so many reason, she never go back her country....

For us, this is a good story.
We need a person who has a touching story.

-WT....., I believe this is a special case, I am not sure...
Don’t worry, keep calm and take a coffee :p
I believe you must face other issues, I am not sure is that can moved people, but I need a chance to talk with you, to find what you have and what I need.

Btw, you must have many friends are not Taiwanese (have to living in Taiwain!!! Ha~) so, maybe they got what we need. (help me~~please~)

-So... any else I should know?
1) This is no pay, but we have some surprise~
2) Cuz it’s not like a talk show and your life not just you, means your family or friends may be recorded.
3) After we talk (by phone / mail / chat room / meeting... any way you want), I will report to my producer, if he like this story, than we will go next step - real meeting to discuss how to present your story.
4)We have presenter, foreigner too, so don’t worry you will mess up, all you need is just being you !

-Well, tell me more about "surprise"...
every episode, our presenter will take you home, or say you will take him/her back your home town. And yes, we will pay your ticket, but only you!

-Why? Why you guys wanna go back with me?
Example, remember the women from South American? She wanna go back, but money is a problem, so we take her home, but the deal is - we will shooting everything when you family reunion.

Another case, Taiwanese food may ok with you, but you reeeeeeally miss your mom's homemade pizza, well, let's go, cuz we want too, we wanna know why your pizza looks why no lobster on it?!

And if you can’t go back, we will still visit your family or friends and record, maybe they have words to you and maybe your mom wanna give you a homemade jam.

-Oh~ I don't wanna read anymore, cuz your English make me headache….
Juuuuuust one min
any question, mail me
have story, mail me
friend's story, mail me
can introduce, mail me

THANK YOU for your time!!

Snow Liu
FB: Snow L. Mars
Email / skype :
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Tom said...

Michael, thanks for posting this. It is a good idea. I will send my information and talk to a few friends about this. Everyone has a story to tell.

Anonymous said...

PTV, what is that?

Michael Turton said...

Public tv

Michael Turton said...

Public tv