Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Some links

Fruit in a K-town market.

Too busy to post... enjoy some links.

SPECIAL: Incredible tale of the Dean of St John's, Cecilia Chang.
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yankdownunder said...

Shoes thrown at Ma Ying-jeou

The government’s recent refusal to grant a visa for to Dalai Lama has given Ma bashers yet another reason to accuse him of kowtowing to China.


Ma urges justice for WWII comfort women.

ROC President Ma Ying-jeou said Dec. 9 that the government will do its best to help Taiwan’s former comfort women preserve relevant historical evidence in their fight for compensation from the Japanese government.

"preserve relevant historical evidence"

First he should present this evidence.

Women were not forced into prostitution by the Japanese military during the war.

Most of these "comfort women" were Japanese.

Allies were raping/killing women during/after war. MacArthur
censored reports
and then asked Japanese to set up "comfort stations" for occupying
forces to stop
the mass rapes.

But some choose to think US/Allies were choir boys and Japanese were monsters.