Monday, December 31, 2012

Recumbent Weekend

My friend Michael Cannon recently purchased a recumbent bike due to recurring back pain and other issues. We rode from Taichung to Kaohsiung for two days this weekend, down the 3 and then to the 1. Michael got lots of attention from passers-by (Michael's post is here). The ride was nice in good weather on Saturday, a wonderful and easy 120 kms for me, but Sunday's ride from Chiayi started in pouring rain and cold and blasting winds, and ended in the cold and Kaohsiung traffic, on Rte 1. Still, it was lots of fun watching people honk and yell at Michael, and video, photo, and stop him to chat.

People stopped next to him and insisted on taking pictures. Here a woman has him pose with her baby.

It's sometimes hard to believe that he doesn't fall over. Does he have a flywheel hidden in there somewhere?
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Carolyn said...

His mom praying for his safety each day is being answered.