Wednesday, November 21, 2012

1957 Anti-American Riots

A friend of mine passed me these photos off of eBay from the Baltimore Sun (thanks, M). They are pictures of the US embassy in Taipei after the destructive 1957 riots. Others are here, here, and here. The riots were apparently stage-managed. This site has the story.
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yankdownunder said...

1957 Anti-American Riots

The riots were apparently stage-managed.

In a city notorious for its elaborate secret services and policing agencies -all under Chiang Ching-kuo - why was a riot such as this permitted to go unchecked for hours? And why was not a strong police cordon established around the premises, ...

Stage-managed just like the anti-Japan riots in China this year. Rioters were allowed to loot/destroy Japanese businesses.

Anonymous said...

More on the riots can be found here if interested.

Steven Crook said...

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