Sunday, November 20, 2011

NextMedia: No F-16s? It's war of the drones!

Just enjoy.
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阿牛 said...

Wow. Not something I'd expect out of NextMedia.

Stefan said...

I particularly liked the Star Wars ending - pretty clever.

Not sure if this video is the best way to gather support abroad, though.

Anonymous said...

Let's see her land a remote controlled aircraft first. Flying drones are much different from the video games. But there are training devices on flying drones.
Technically, it is possible; I had proposed that about 8 years ago. Would have been an exciting project to work on.


Thoth Harris said...

"I'm your father. SPLAT" lol

Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe some candidate might address a new Taiwan made fighter aircraft project.


Anonymous said...

I am pro-Taiwan, but those Next Media videos are lame, stupid and an embarrassment to Taiwan. That ABC girl should get a job elsewhere, she is terrible and not funny.