Monday, November 14, 2011

Daily Links, Monday, Nov 14, 2011

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clb said...

Update on that NYT op-ed on selling out Taiwan--Paul Kane says it was supposed to be satire ( and

Anonymous said...

I SAID THREE DAYS AGO: "the KANE Piece i now believe was mere MODEST PROPOSAL satire a la Jonathan Swift...i think he was trying to make a point, the opposite point.... he loves Taiwan in fact.....he hates CHina....this was SATIRE."

But everyone took him too seriously. DOn't people know how to READ anymore.

He now admits to the world that IT WAS A SATIRE. Now what do you say Joe Bloggers and Professors of Taiwan? Get thee to a nunnery!

from Trevor in UK
descendant of Jon Swift

PS; -- My UK friends doubted me saying: "uh, Trevor, old boy, Do you have any reason to believe that this is a Jonathan Swift type of satire? Or is it wishful thinking? I hope you might be right. Kane once worked on Ted Kennedy’s staff.''