Monday, April 04, 2011

Daily Links, April 4, 2011

Not every cyclist rides an awesome bike, but they still get the job done. Meanwhile, what's in motion on the blogs today?

NOTHING TO WITH TAIWAN: Multiple partner fertility: 28% of US women with at least two kids have them by multiple fathers. Everything you always wanted to know about the Medieval climate anomaly among which is a good paper on solar irradiance for the last 1200 years. ROFLMAO: the twitter feed for the escaped Bronx Zoo Cobra. I laughed til I cried. Via Mad Minerva. Detecting fake photos with digital image analysis -- and a gallery of fakes from over the centuries.
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Guy said...

Off topic but on my mind: the latest edition of Lonely Planet Taiwan is out--and there's a nice shout out to your blog on page 360.

While it's great to read more of Robert Kelly's writing, the new edition appears in other ways to be a step backward: uncharacteristically wretched maps and some obvious factual errors made me wonder what is going on. It'd be great to get your take on this new edition if you have time to review it.


Robert Scott Kelly said...

I would love for Michael to review the new Taiwan guide. Btw Guy (first of all thanks for the comments), all LP guides have this new mapping style, as it's part of a general new style and content format. I've heard good and bad feedback so it's really a matter of personal preference if you like it or not and really not a sign of a step backwards (that said, I don't like the national park maps myself). As for the factual errors, I would be happy to see a list of them. Every guide has them, from every publisher: it's inevitable that when you research and write 400 pages over a 6 month period mistakes creep in. But I'm always completely open to people letting me know where they are, and, if they are egregious and numerous enough, giving me hell for them. You can post them here if Michael is interested or send to me at rscottpk AT Michael, sorry if this is temporarily hijacking your blog.

Michael Turton said...

RSK, I am always happy if you take a moment to post here.

I just found the 浸水營 trail and will definitely take a crack at it this summer. Looks awesome!

I will post on the new LP guide, but first I want to do a post on Brandt travel guide.

So much to do... so little time....

Robert Scott Kelly said...

Steve Crook's Brandt Taiwan is an excellent addition to the Taiwan guide scene. I look forward to your review.

Guy said...

Thank you Robert for the considerate reply. I'll write to you shortly.