Monday, April 05, 2010

Daily Links, April 5, 2010

Tomb Sweeping Day -- families out in force cleaning the family tombs and burning trash around them.

LOTSA FUN: 10 simple Google Search tips -- more in the comments~!

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Anonymous said...

With regard to Bob Dylan's failure to appear in Taiwan I doubt Beijing had anything to do with it. The date was originally announced for 2 April, but I think the reason is that the promoters failed to find a suitable venue or some other problem.

D said...

Another thought-provoking set of links -- thanks!

Re: the sinking birthrate, I wonder if anyone else shares my doubts about this. For one thing, couldn't we make up for a loss in population with a boost in productivity (computers, robots, etc). I suppose the forecasts assume that no single country will make special gains in productivity, but I think we can expect a little Taiwanese ingenuity here, can't we?

Secondly, is there some law of god that says population must increase all the time? Environmentalists will tell you that lowering population growth would have a positive impact on containing global warming. And isn't it possible that people in Taiwan just don't want to have a bunch of kids like previous generations, no matter what kinds of tax and social inventives are presented to them? Why can't we let the population growth rest for a generation, as it seems wont to do? Then the next generation can go back to having big families.

Well, those are just the thoughts of a parent of one child, constantly fielding questions about when the second one is coming.........