Sunday, May 03, 2009

WHA errata

Above is a copy of the letter sent by Dr. Margaret Chan to Taiwan. We're sending a strong team, in the long run, if China permits us to stay in, it will be good for Taiwan. And if China doesn't, it will be a black eye for them, just as the odious 2005 secret MOU suppressing Taiwan was. Kudos to the DPP for making this a national issue and pushing it hard. They boxed the KMT in on this one.

Speaking of that disgraceful, cowardly surrender to China on the part of the WHO, FAPA has the texts in .JPG format:

CleverClaire linked to a searchable text:

Finally, on swine flu, a friend flipped me the thoughts of Winne the Pooh:

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Thomas said...

"Kudos to the DPP for making this a national issue and pushing it hard. They boxed the KMT in on this one."

Hmm... please explain this statement. The DPP did indeed make this a national issue, but I am really not sure that a fast one wasn't pulled. Both the KMT and the CPP seem to have agreed to the very minimum in an issue that really wan't very contentious for either party. I see this as diversionary window dressing that partially cloaks the KMT's unification strategy. I think the CCP would agree. And Taiwan won't get much if this decision can be revoked at any time.

Michael Turton said...

Yes, a fast one was pulled, but the KMT still had to do something. And these kinds of things have ramifying consequences.

We're moving toward the endgame, but we ain't there yet. The Obama Administration could still wake up, and maybe one day the proles will stop fighting over frying pans.


Günter Whittome said...

To put it more bluntly: this WHA thing is a joke, and a bad one, too. I was rather surprised that you, Michael, critisiced the DPP for "slamming" this development. But now you've removed that sentence.
I was at a Taiwan Thinktank symposium yesterday and they stated rightly that the DPP's strategy had been to enter the WHA via a resolution by the assembly. And this strategy, though difficult, was not hopeless. They did get more and more open support for it from the US, Canada and Japan. Only the EU (again) was reluctant. But that obstacle may have been overcome in time. And that would have been the breakthrough to success.
Taiwan would have become a member (well, an "observer") in its own right, without compromising its sovereignty.
And what happened now? The KMT quietly accepts the One-China-stuff, Beijing nods in agreement and Taiwan (sorry: "Chinese Taipei") is invited by the WHO/A secretariat with no involvement of the assembly whatsoever.
Taiwan appears to be a vassal state (附庸國), Beijings agreement can be withdrawn any time because of Taiwan's "misbehaviour".
The first major breakthrough after 37 yrs. as the blue media put it? Nonsense.
What's going to happen now is clear: as long as the KMT stays in power, Beijing will continue to "nod" on an annual basis. Should the DPP regain power in 2012 (May 20th), Beijing will refuse to nod in early May 2013.
But of course, even this de facto participation wouldn't have been possible without the DPP's constant efforts.
So how can Taiwan turn this defeat on the sovereignty issue to its advantage? Make the best possible impression while participation is "granted", let other member states get "used to" Taiwan's participation. In the event that Taiwan "misbehaves" and Beijing withdraws "permission", Taiwan under a new DPP government should then return to the old strategy of regaining access through a resolution of the WHO assembly overriding Beijing's opposition. Anything else will be surrender in the long run.
By the way: the WHA/WHO issue will be the topic of Taiwan Thinktank's next symposium on May 23rd (all in Chinese, of course), see their website for details.