Friday, May 29, 2009

Daily Links, May 29, 2009

What stunning views are found on the blogs today?
  • A post at DailyKos notes that Chinese are going to knock down Kashgar's old town and replace it with a kitsch replica "to preserve local culture." Anybody seen that policy in Taiwan?

  • Arthur Dent with the update on Jingfu Gate

  • KMT says Taiwan is "an island" says TaiwanRocks!. A-gu comments on the same issue.

  • Scott S on academic freedom in Canada and Taiwan

  • Global Voices on comparisons of Chen and Roh. Far Eastern Sweet Potato on same.

  • The Foreigner on a referendum on the island's future.

  • Laowiseass critically dissects press conference English

  • Black marketing in Taiwan in 1965

  • Letters from Taiwan says Sri Lankan victory at UN has major implications for Taiwan.

  • Taoyuan Nights points out that the economy here can't be as good as the government says.

  • Taiwan Drift blogs on that most Taiwanese of sayings: "don't think too much"

  • A-gu notes that it is time for the DPP to get its shit together. Sorry man, ain't gonna happen.

  • Jerome says Taiwan is Asia's Voldemort.
  • AWESOME POSTS: Maddog on the next logical step for Taiwan, Taiwan Link on Satellite Radio & Taiwan & China, FESP on the strange case of Ma the PRC spy.

    MEDIA: Will Taiwan defect to China? DPP will resolve the dispute over the Tainan County Chief Candidacy only after KMT nomination. Taiwan man cons $6.5 million out of lovelorn women, is arrested. Suppose he stopped at $2 million.... Xinhua trumpets SEF poll saying 60% satisfied with cross-strait direction. Now we know why such polls exist. Taiwan firm to market Google Android in China. Wang Yung-ching left no will to assign all his billions. AP with a long article on the glorious new era of Chinese investment in Taiwan. RDEC poll on ethnicity and politics in Taiwan. China backs Sri Lanka against the west. CEPD says April business conditions sluggish. 100 TONS of illegal pesticides from China seized in Taiwan. Forged shopping vouchers from China seized. Three new forest parks to open. Beijing now dictates US policy on Taiwan: The Beautiful Isle can't even get a sensible policy like a visa waiver or extradition treaties. For shame! Ma says better China ties give Taiwan more room. See previous article. Ma urges US to sell advanced fighters. Since he knows US isn't going to sell them, he can get brownie points for appearing to give a shit about the island's future.

    EVENTS: Taichung bike week is in December.

    RESOURCES: The China Global Investment Tracker at Heritage Foundation. Downloadable E-book: Beyond the Strait
    "Beyond the Strait: PLA Missions other than Taiwan. [2009]. Edited by Mr. Roy Kamphausen, Dr. David Lai, Dr. Andrew Scobell. While preventing independence likely remains the central aim of the PLA vis-a-vis Taiwan, Chinese foreign policy objectives worldwide are rapidly growing and diversifying. This volume analyzes the PLA's involvement in disaster and humanitarian relief, United Nations peacekeeping operations (UNPKO), counterterrorism and border defense, security in outer space and cyberspace, and the level of activity in regional 'joint' operational contingencies. On the whole, the volume provides a discerning analysis of these varied PLA developments and how they affect policy towards both Taiwan and the entire Asia-Pacific region. While the significance of China has long been understood, the nation's rise to prominence on the world scene is becoming more acutely felt. An understanding of the PLA's growing roles both within China and internationally is of critical importance to the United States."

    SWINE FLU: 9 cases now, with first domestic case.

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    John Naruwan said...

    "Don't think too much" is the literal translation which sounds absurd in English but in context what Taiwanese are really saying is "Don't over-analyze."
    When someone says "you think too much" they either mean, (a) you're seeing complications which don't exist or, (b) the problem is not as bad as you think so don't sweat it.