Thursday, July 13, 2006

Fighting for Democracy for Eslite's Sake

The Levitator, which I stumbled across a few weeks ago, has posted some good stuff, including this interesting translation of a mainland writer's view of Taiwan democracy and what it means for him:
When I arrived in Taiwan, met my friends there, and had the good fortune to share the same train with Taipei strangers – a sharing that is the result of 100 years of good karma – I found out that I could never again accept any political logic other than the democratic logic in which “The destiny of Taiwan can only be decided by the people of Taiwan themselves” because all other logics are accompanied by violence and brutality. Whenever I think about any kind of logic that needs protection by violence, I also remember the faces of those Taipei people. To remember their faces is a kind of betrayal.


Jerome said...

Great post Michael, tried to leave a comment on the original but failed.

Hope more people can be so straightforward.

Levitator ﹝浮客﹞ said...


Thanks for blogging on my post. I'm truly flattered. Like a rookie actor getting a recommendation from Kevin Spacey. :-)


Sorry about the comments failure. Maybe I've overdone my anti-spam settings. I'll check.

Mark said...

Great post