Friday, March 31, 2006

Shih Hsin U Language Center Position

This was posted to one of my email lists. This is not a full-time teaching job in a university, but with the affiliated "Language Center" that is an admin shell for teaching the general education ESL classes. All students must have two years of English regardless of major, and they need people to teach all those classes. Consequently, many universities have created these centers to handle that teaching load.


Full-Time Teacher for Fall, 2006 Language Center
Shih Hsin University
1. Native Speaker of English 2. Ph.D. Degree or Master's
3. Expertise in * TESOL * English placement test design and measurement
Contact : Dr. Peter Lin or LindaTel : (02)2236-8225 ex.3021,3022E-Mail :


Anonymous said...

I taught at that Shih Hsin program for almost three semesters. Peter Lin is a really nice guy, and fun to talk to, intelligent and broad in interests.

BUT, the pay is much too low for part-timers (under 650 NT an hour of class time) and the class size is 60 students! How can you teach language under those conditions? You have to spend time preparing and giving tests and correcting them, taking attendance takes a huge amount of class time, students are not that motivated, etc.

Please tell me if things have improved.


Ada S. Parker said...

Hi Michael,

Your website was referred to me by Footprints and I was very pleased to receive it. I am a single African-American mom of twin girls and am seriously contemplating moving to Taiwan to teach for the year.I was wondering what type of challenges I would face as far as schooling for the girls? I think it would be a great experience for us as a family, I just do not want to put them in a compromising situation.

I would appreciate any insight that you would have as I am needing to make some major life changes and decisions.

Thank you in advance for your time and feedback.

Ada S. Parker