Monday, March 20, 2006

More Media Fun

This one from the BBC, courtesy of STOP_george. You'll love the caption:

Protesters held missile models to illustrate the perceived threat from China.

The perceived threat! The Beeb is usually pretty good, so it is kind of suprising to see something as asinine as "perceived" in front of the word 'threat' when describing the missiles that China points at us. Sad, too.


MJ Klein said...

this is "pc" at its best Michael. you can't come right out and actually say something bad about China. it might make them upset.

Michael Turton said...

It's just incredible, I'd send them a blistering letter, but I just sent a firm one to the LA Times about the DeVoss piece above. I was stunned to see that in the Beeb. What next? "Perceived" dead from our next quake?


STOP_George said...

You know, some marketing genius should come up with a rally to specifically mock the foreign media.

In the march (on May day), everyone should be waving the Chinese flag and wear Mao uniforms. For the grand finale, 50,000 can cheer enthusiastically as Yuan-Yuan and Tuan-Tuan make their first public appearance. President Chen Shui-bian could then rip off his shirt and announces to the world that 3.19 was indeed staged and that Ma Ying-jeou is the rightful heir for Premiership of the Province of Taiwan.

Maybe then we would get balanced internationall reporting.