Saturday, March 25, 2006

Lee Jye and the Soft Coup

I've been planning to write on Defense Minister Lee Jye's allegation that he was approached by senior military officers who asked him to feign illness to help undermine the Chen government. But then I found out that the Foreigner had already done a bang-up job. Over to him......

Who were the plotters? Their identities are unknown to the public, but have been revealed in closed door sessions of the libel trial. It's unfathomable to me why their names and faces aren't plastered on the front page of every newspaper in the country. Firing them, allowing them to retire, or "promoting" them to an important post in the 21st Envelope-Stuffing Battalion isn't enough: Each and every one of them should be tried for sedition and punished as an example to future army officers. Leniency of course should be granted to those who finger political instigators. Not wanting to air the military's dirty laundry here is no excuse. I cannot help but agree with one legislator who spoke about the matter to Lee Jye during a hearing:

"Because you refused to name the generals who approached you and asked you to feign sickness and step aside, everyone keeps guessing, and that has hurt the reputations of innocent generals."

I have long feared that the mainlander-dominated officer class would pull something like this. How much has Taiwan changed? The failure of the plot is an example. And I totally agree with The Foreigner's comment that their names should be publicized...and this great comment:

It was quite a spectacle to witness the KMT asking the same man they vilified as an "evil dictator" to declare martial law. How many of you would ask a political opponent to declare martial law if you truly thought he had tyrannical tendencies?


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A guy from Taiwan said...

Anyone who is in lack of knowledge of how ROC armed forces work may believe all that sh_t. The military is basically ruled by a bunch of highly educated sycophants. People have their political allegiance, and military officers are human beings. Senior military officers have their own relation network based on their hierachy in the military, their graduate years in military schools and their mutual affinal relations. Some of retired generals don't like people who serve under pres. Chen not only because they serve under Chen, but also they are thought in their circle as too sycophant, impotent and not professional. Military education in Taiwan is soviet style and all about loyalty and control. Individual intiative and independent thinking are not welcomed. The result is that our military is run by a bunch of sycophants, fawners and toadiers. The last thing I will believe is that they will come up with a real coup plan.