Friday, March 17, 2006

I-lan Green Expo

For those of you looking for things to do, Ilan county is holding the annual Green Expo.........
Starting from 1999, Ilan County has been promoting new green ideas in Taiwan through the popular Green Expo held each spring. As its Green Declaration states, the county is trying to create "a superb green life with a positive attitude" and aims to build "a beautiful garden town with steady confidence." Similar to Ilan's other hugely successful event, the International Children's Folklore & Folk-game Festival, held each summer, the Expo attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, with nearly half a million attending last year.

Combining eco-tourism, agro-tourism and green industry as its themes, the Expo this year is divided into seven theme halls. The Beetle Pavilion will be displaying more than one thousand species of beetles or bugs found in Taiwan. Emphasis is placed on introducing Taiwan's native species. One rare and possibly unique beetle will be on exhibition; its estimated worth is over NT$10 million.

The Spider Pavilion will feature the world's largest spider species and also a kind that can catch birds. In addition, Taiwan's most poisonous and smallest spiders will be on display. The Water Plant Pavilion will recreate an ecosystem of marsh land so that visitors can appreciate the small yet beautiful water plants growing in lakes, ponds, streams or even ditches.

Did you catch that? Huh? SPIDERS!

I'll be there.

Performance notes:
What: Ilan Green Expo(宜蘭綠色博覽會)
Where: Wulaokeng Scenic Area in Suao Township, Ilan County(宜蘭縣蘇澳鎮武荖坑風景區)
When: Tomorrow until May 14
Admission: Holidays: NT$250 for adults and NT$200 for children; Non-holidays: NT$200 for adults and NT$150 for children.
Contact: For more information call (03)925-1602 or see

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