Thursday, March 23, 2006

China Demands US Troops in Korea not be used in Sino-US Conflict

The International Herald Tribune reports:

The Chinese ambassador to South Korea warned Wednesday that a new defense agreement between Washington and Seoul should never be used to allow U.S. troops based in South Korea to intervene in a possible conflict between China and Taiwan.


brian said...

Just as with other assurances to China from Australia, I'm doubtful that these agreements would have much force in the event of an actual conflict. At the same time, it does not hurt for Australia and South Korea to make assurances to China in the interest of stability and trade relations. They are just words, after all.

MJ Klein said...

why would China bring it up in the first place if their intentions are peaceful?

let me skip to the end: no one can stop the buildup of the biggest totalitarian government in the history of mankind, and it eventually becomes Master of The World. how's your Chinese?