Monday, November 07, 2005

Senegal and Taiwan

ESWN blogs on Taiwan's loss of Senegal:

So what was the price of Senegal? Under normal circumstances, the amount of aid (or "bribe") would be top secret, otherwise there would be an escalating bidding war. However, President Chen Shui-bian has just told the world how much Senegal cost (see China Times). During an election campaign trip, Chen revealed that Taiwan had spent NT$5 billion on Senegal over the past ten years. Officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would not comment on that revelation. This means that the members from the 25 countries which still have diplomatic relations with the Republic of China (see wikipedia) will be comparing their aids against that figure and see if they were being ripped off. The other implication is that the People's Republic of China is now providing aid to Senegal in significantly larger amounts.


Tim Maddog said...
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Tim Maddog said...

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Hahaha! With a name like China Times, they've gotta hate Chen Shui-bian. I'm so happy that their evening paper went out of business. Ha! Chen didn't even have to "oppress" them for this to happen.

Is this a sign that people are waking up to the lies?

Also note that ESWN's transltion of the China Times article says that it's only an "implication" that the PRC is "now providing aid to Senegal in significantly larger amounts."

Tim Maddog said...

Oops. I meant to type "translation" in the above comment, but I see now that it isn't even that -- it's ESWN's own thoughts.