Thursday, November 17, 2005

Nigerian Scam Streamlines

I got two Nigerian scam emails today, but this one is a treasure:

I am Dr. Koffi Nene the personal assistant (Finance)to the
late President Gnassingbé Eyadéma of
Lome,Togo. In order to avoid any long meaningless
talk, I am looking for a person who can be TRUSTED
to handle part of the money the late President
wanted to go and deposit in Switzerland three
weeks before he died.

It's like he knows that everyone is aware of this scam, so he gets straight to the point. Brilliant.


Aaron said...

Nigerian scam emails...I find them particularly grating to the senses. But you're right, that one is a gem. More form, less art. Nice blog by the way...

Taliesen said...

TALK ABOUT PUSHING ALL THE RIGHT BUTTONS!!!!! I dont know if the world is aware, but this got all the way to New Zealand, right before Xmas...this has some sort of charm to it. its my first e-mail of this type, and if there are others out there, FLICK THEM THIS WAY! it would be a great english project, breaking the message down into the raw form it came from. for the world out there, if someone wants you to hold money, its WAY TOO F*CKING GOOD TO BE TRUE!!!!!