Thursday, November 24, 2005

I am Famous. Not.

One of my many passions is New Testament studies. I am winding up a book on the Gospel of Mark, and am searching for a publisher at the moment. I also participate in several discussion groups and scholarly NT studies lists. Thus I thought at first some Bible nut had noticed this when someone kindly sent me this link to a very far gone site on the Bible with my name in it:

Note the misspelling at the end there: "psot"

However, it appears that anyone who mistypes that URL gets sent there. You can type anything in there:

...and get sent to the same site. A sign from Above, I guess. Repent now!


Mark said...

That's just evil. It really reminds me of what salshdot did to slashdot.

Anonymous said...

SPAM works in mysterious ways.

Daniel said...

God works in mysterious financial ways.