Tuesday, November 22, 2005

"Chinese-Taipei" gaining currency

Peter of The Wilds of Taiwan passed me this evidence of the growing currency of the odious construction "Chinese-Taipei", which, he says, is now becoming widely-used by airlines.

Lin Hsin-I, senior advisor to the president of Chinese Taipei, has attracted attention at APEC.

APEC participants from all over the world have evaluated the former corporate leader highly.

Lin arrived in South Korea Wednesday as a stand-in at APEC for Chinese Taipei President Chen Shui-bian,

At home, Lin has dual roles as convener of the Presidential Economic Advisory Panel and chairman of the renowned Industrial Technology Research Institute.

Reputed as 'the Lee Iacocca of the local auto industry,' he became the first corporate leader to serve as a government minister. Since 2000, he has occupied the posts of economics minister, chairman of the Council for Economic Planning and Development and vice premier.

Lin received a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from National Cheng Kung University in 1970. From 1991 to 2000, he served first as president and then vice chairman of Chinese Taipei's largest automotive manufacturer, China Motor Corp.

Lin's achievements during his career in the private sector have been recognized with numerous awards and honors.

He will leave South Korea tomorrow morning.

Revolting. Taiwan needs to oppose this stuff wherever it crops up.


David said...

Heh - you Taiwanese Taichung-ers are just jealous that Taipei gets all the attention :)

Remember that if you're talking about APEC, then Taiwan is officially recognised as 'Chinese Taipei' which presumably affects things in this case.

I do wonder why they compromised on that name rather than 'Chinese Taiwan' though ... after all even if the first half of the name doesn't wind up the Taiwanese, the 2nd half will annoy the ~80% who aren't Taipei residents ..

Michael Turton said...

Hell yes! Why not Chinese Taichung? Nice ring to it, with a solid CHUNG on the end, none of that sissy PEI like that backside of Tai-PEI, as if one were spitting out an insect in the mouth.

Maybe it's just another one of those subtle Chinese slights -- southern Taiwan is against us anyone, so let's make it disappear!


Sun Bin said...

"Chinese Tai"

even tainan and taitung would be happy then.

Karl said...

Zhong tai?

Sun Bin said...

chinese taiwan or even taiwan sounds fine.

DPP have politicized the word China and CCP politicized the word Taiwan. they forgot these are also geographic terms.
now taiwan=independence, china=ccp for some people, kind of stupid.