Sunday, August 28, 2005

Still more from the hatemail stack

I got another bit of hatemail today......consisting of three lines:

This really is a warning sign for poisonous snakes and bees, not tapeworms.
Also, the "Purple" filling is blueberry. If you can't tell taro by the appearance, read the sign.
If you don't like Taiwan, get your butt out of my country!

Actually, the bit about tapeworms was humor. I've changed it to make it more obvious, and corrected the error about taro for blueberry. Maybe I should actually read the signs *sigh*.

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Tim Maddog said...

Hey Michael, that sounds an awful lot like the guy who was going to put up a web site "debunking" your "hatred" of Taiwan (and of blueberries, apparently). Has he published it on the web yet? After all this time and hard work (3 lines!), it oughta kick ass! [/snark]

Maybe you can link back to the items to which Mr. "My Country, My Sense of Humor, and No One Else's" is referring. Then we'll probably all ROTFLOAO saying, "yì shù zì, 藝術字!" (Or if we hate Taiwan, we can just say "亂寫.")