Tuesday, August 02, 2005

English Website, Hotline, for foreigners launched

The government, hoping to make Taiwan more foreigner friendly, has launched a new English website and hotline.

"With the rapid growth in the number of foreigners in Taiwan, the key to retaining foreign talent is the provision of information in English to help foreigners to feel at home while living in Taiwan," Wu said.

The Web site, at iff.npa.gov.tw, contains sections covering basic subjects, including visa and passport issues, health care, housing and safety. Users can also log on according to whether they are a tourist, foreign student or foreign dependent for more direct and quick access to related information. A map of Taiwan, weather forecasts, and online Chinese conversation classes are also available on the site.

The international community service hotline, 0800-024-111, is run by Chunghwa Telecom. It offers information in both Chinese and English year-round, and the government says it will ensure that all inquiries are addressed within three working days at the most.

Think they will know where I can find asiago cheese?

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