Sunday, August 28, 2005

English Teachers Busted for Dope Smuggling: Thanks, guys!

Us Big Noses took a PR blow yesterday as the Taiwan Coast Guard arrested a bunch of gaijin for dope smuggling. I'd just like to take a moment to thank our hardworking friends adding another black mark to the record of foreigners in Taiwan.
The Coast Guard Administration's Keelung mobile-investigation team yesterday arrested an international drug smuggling ring based in Neihu (內湖) allegedly led by a Canadian who teaches English in Taiwan, a Central News Agency (CNA) report said.

Seven other foreign nationals and three Taiwanese Americans were also arrested in connection with the drug ring.

Many of the suspects worked as English-language teachers, the report said.

Now the rest of us have to live in the stink you left behind....

UPDATE: I should mention that when I got up on Sunday morning not only was there this article on the front page of the Taipei Times, but it was all over the TV news too (first thing I saw on the news at my in-law's on Sunday morn) with lurid shots of their collection of dope-related books, and stacks of illegal drugs. I like the way that the headline said not FOREIGNERS but ENGLISH TEACHERS. Those hairy eyeball English teachers, always knew they couldn't be trusted....

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