Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Daily Links, Father's Day, 2007

It's Father's Day here in Taiwan, where we are having a typhoon, though it hasn't shown us much in our fair city of Taichung (no wind at all this morning here). Hopefully it's a dud elsewhere as well. Meanwhile plenty of activity on the blogs today....

  • 白鬼在台北 muses on the influx of foreigners and foreign wives into Taiwan.

  • Mutantfrog discusses another contested dormitory in Japan.

  • Jerome lays waste to Shih Ming-te, then flogs Ma Ying-jeou.

  • Bent on the new plan to generate power using ocean currents. We already got enough wind....

  • Bent again, a wonderful post on the KMT and postcolonialism.

  • Patrick takes the HSR to Chiayi, and again.

  • The Only Redhead on typhoons and meteorologists in Taiwan.

  • The Bushman is currently thinking about opening an industrial photo blog, and he has another set of industrial photos up.

  • Johan has a great posts on tests and creativity.

  • Sponge Bear blogs on the Taiwan-UN issue and Japan's war memories.

  • MEDIA: Bala Daily reports on Taiwan's appearance on the Strange Foods Show. CRS reports updated in July (from FAS blog):

    "China-U.S. Trade Issues," updated July 20, 2007.

    "China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities -- Background and Issues for Congress," updated July 20, 2007.

    "China/Taiwan: Evolution of the 'One China' Policy -- Key Statements from Washington, Beijing, and Taipei," updated July 9, 2007.

    "U.S. Clothing and Textile Trade with China and the World: Trends Since the End of Quotas," July 10, 2007.

    The piece on the evolution of the One China policy is vital. One of the many money quotes:

    However, accounts of President Nixon's secret talks with PRC Premier Zhou Enlai in China in 1972 reported that Nixon made promises on the question of Taiwan in return for diplomatic normalization that went beyond the communique issued at the end. The Carter Administration later called the promises: "Nixon's Five Points." Also, according to Assistant Secretary of State Stanley Roth's March 1999 testimony, Nixon pledged no U.S. support for Taiwan independence (second time after Kissinger's 1971 promise): "We have not and will not support any Taiwan independence movement." With the release on December 11, 2003, of declassified memoranda of conversation of the secret talks between Nixon and Zhou, there was confirmation that Nixon stated as first of Five Principles that "there is one China, and Taiwan is a part of China. There will be no more statements made -- if I can control our bureaucracy — to the effect that the status of Taiwan is undetermined."

    Prior to that time, the US position had been in accordance with international laws, norms, and treaties -- the status of Taiwan was undetermined. With this that noxious shit Nixon created a moral and political nightmare for the US. In recent years US conservatives have been attempting to get the US to return to the old position. Good luck....


    MJ Klein said...

    "if I can control our bureaucracy." Nixon wasn't authorized to make statements or promises that only Congress can make. all of the "proofs" that China has relied upon regarding Taiwan are going to fall, one by one just like the Cairo Declaration.

    Michael Turton said...

    Nixon was apparently one of those prime c*nts who got off on the thought that he was screwing millions.


    JZ said...

    Taiwan Independence is a hopeless cause. Even Bush, who can be considered as one of the most right wing US presidents, has returned to the position that previous presidents had, staring with Nixon. Sure, the US does not support reunification by force, but it is even more opposed to Taiwan Independence. There are conservatives who operate from the fringe of the political spectrum, like Theresa Shaheen, John Tsacik, and others...but they have no influence whatsoever, and are only capable of making some noise that nobody listens to, besides Michael Turton and his friends.

    Ryan said...

    It was a dud in Hualien as well. Lots of wind but no wind.

    Round two tomorrow.

    You are invited to the second anniversary party for the mag this Saturday. Of course, Hualien is far but I would be remiss if I didn't extend the invite.

    The only president that didn't get off on screwing millions in recent history was Gerry Ford. Coincidence that he's also the only president that was never actually elected to public office?

    Michael Turton said...

    Zyzyx, I think it is fascinating how opponents of the democracy side never have anything intelligent to say, dont' you? You're welcome to post here, but the real tragedy of clueless insult hounds like yourself is that when given a podium, you never teach.



    Anonymous said...

    Great links...thanks.
    My wife is Taiwanese, her explaination of the things you pin point in your blog correlate or should I say run along side one another without a bit of friction.