Monday, March 07, 2016

Two Amazing People

Meet Andrew and Alison, two amazing people. They spend their summers in Canada, and their winters on the bike, having done 4400 kms in India, and recently, coming from bike touring in Laos. Andrew was born in Hungary in 1944, a week old when the Jews were rounded up. His mother told the guard on the train that she had to nurse and there was no room in the train car, and stepped off. The train left without them. She foraged two days in the forest, then made her way to Budapest. His father was sent to a work camp.

Me and Drew of Taiwan in Cycles took them up the 147/131 to Sun Moon Lake on Sunday. Was a lovely day, and a very special ride.

A and A are spending five weeks biking around Taiwan, 50 kms a day. Be sure to say hello if you meet them.
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