Thursday, January 28, 2016

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A very traditional half-moon shaped pond near Dongshih.

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Anonymous said...

Regarding Ma Ying-jeou's visit to Spratlys, one thing that should have triggered an earth quake but has been totally missed by Taiwan's media:

At a press conference after his visit yesterday (2016-01-28), Ma said: "Regarding the sovereignty claim to the South (China) Sea, the ROC ("中華民國") had already officially announced (it) in 1947; later, the Chinese Communist regime ("中共政權") inherited ("繼承了") the claim of the KMT government ("國民政府"; NOTE: he didn't say "ROC government" - "中華民國政府"); therefore, of course, both sides (of the Taiwan Strait) share the same stand on the claim to the South (China) Sea, we didn't particularly made an effort to take the same stand."

The key wording that shocked me was "[CCP regime] has inherited ('繼承了') [KMT regime]". This is an official announcement of the death of ROC and an official recognition of CCP regime as China's legitimate government.

Am I reading it wrong?

To read his wording at the press conference yesterday (2016-01-28), see the report of Liberty Times (in Chinese though; see the first paragraph), link below:

This visit is meant to be much much more than meats the eyes. The Chinese Nationalism Fundamentalist Ma Ying-Jeou won't rest without a resistance of "Boxers' Rebellion" Geist.

Michael Turton said...

The key wording that shocked me was "[CCP regime] has inherited ('繼承了') [KMT regime]". This is an official announcement of the death of ROC and an official recognition of CCP regime as China's legitimate government.

Possibly, that's really shocking. If true, what will he say about Taiwan when he steps down?


Michael Turton said...

The English isn't even close

Michael Turton said...

I don't believe the LT has correctly transcribed what he said. Is there another source??

Anonymous said...

Just found the press conference transcipt in Chinese on Apple Daily site; link below:

The Liberty Times' report refers to the following Q&A, the fifth Q in the transcript. Please allow the full Chinese text, only to be fair to all parties, including Ma's Co.:



The text can be read the way Liberty Times did but may also be twisted a bit to sound "a tad ambigous"; just as Ma may try when pressed, in his typical they-misunderstood-me way.

The key is the first sentence of the Answer part. Here's my translation:

"Regarding the (sovereignty) claim to the South (China) Sea, at the time of Dec 1, 1947, the ROC ("中華民國") did make the official announcement; at that time the Chinese Communist Government ("中共政府") was not yet in existence, after it [CCP government] came to exist, it inherited ("繼承") the claim of the previous/original ("原來") KMT government ("國民政府") on this matter. Therefore, of course, [both China and Ma hold] the same claim, we didn't cause them to be the same...."

(To be fair: here gain the original text = "有關南海主張當時中華民國36年12月1日發布,當時中共政府還沒出現,它出現後在這議題上繼承原來國民政府主張,所以當然一樣,不是我們使它一樣,...")

The key word "原來" (the previous/the original) is also very telling. Ma has studied law and has always been very picky about wordings.

I also notice that Ma talked about the claim to the South (China) Sea, not only to the Taiping Island (Itu Aba Island) which he just visited.

The claim to the whole South China Sea overlaps the claims of all claimant countries. The is an agressor's claim.

If Ma claims that he didn't mean it that way, it at least reflects his strong sense of being a Chinese patriot in my opinion, because he was using his native language and was speaking at a press conference.

Anonymous said...

Ma apparently made his "inheritance" comment to answer a foreign reporter's question. That's why you can't find it in the transcription of his speech.

Do Androids Dream said...

The author of this opinion piece also believes that Ma said the CPC has inherited the claim.