Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wuer Kaixi speaking on 7/24

I'm biking this week til Sunday, at least, so don't expect any blogging from me this week. But the deeply perceptive Wuer Kaixi is speaking on cross-strait relations on Friday morning, 7/24, at 10:30, at Dadun 6th Street, lane 319, number 41, the Tianxin Park Activity Center. Wuer Kaixi is running for the legislature in Taichung, knows a good deal about local and international politics, and is an excellent and entertaining speaker. Should be a good!
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Cary said...

I'm not familiar with this phrase in contemporary Taiwan. 'White power?' Together with the rest of it, looks like he's claiming to be the great white hope. Can you provide any context for distant readers with a very basic grasp of Chinese?

Noble Genius said...

Have fun biking! Not really a on Kaixi. But let's see what he has to say.

Noble Genius said...

Not a fan of Kaixi. So, there's not much in it for my interests. But have fun biking!

Anonymous said...

"White" refers to "purity" as in "lack of corruption" rather than skin color and US racial politics. Ko used the same slogan during his mayoral campaign.

Anonymous said...

White power refers to Ko P. (Wen-je Ko) and how he walked out of the White Tower (referring to hospital politics, from the Japanese novel Shiroi Kyoto). Media sometimes use white power to refer to doctors that have participated in political movements now.

It also means that he is neither blue or green or black or gold. Blue refers to KMT (Chinese Nationalist Party); the party that seriously thinks that doublethinking is doubly good, so it's hard to explain what they really stand for. But Turton has a lot of insights into them in his blog. Green refers to DPP, the opposition party. Black refers to mafia, triads and gangsters. Gold refers to big money. White is also used to refer to official state apparatus power, as in White Terror, but not in this case.

It probably also means he is a blank slate that was not entrenched in political factions before.

After reading some works by Wuer Kaixi, I think it might not be any of these above; he might have some of his own re-definition, since he is still deeply entrenched in Chinese Marxist Dialectic logic, which I don't understand at all.