Wednesday, January 21, 2015

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Atop Nanyang Road in Fengyuan.

Time, time, time.....
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Mike Fagan said...

That article on the "Asian sand wars" is shocking. It is so stuffed with metaphor and other verbose nonsense as to give the impression that the author not only doesn't have anything substantial to say at all.


"As journalist Chris Milton pointed out in a 2010 essay in Foreign Affairs, sand is a medium by which massive environmental change can be effected via incremental processes. It is granular—neither liquid nor solid—which means that it can be transported by the boatload or by the handful. In large quantities, it can be engineered into the most fundamental of all infrastructures: land itself.")

I'm pretty fucking sure that sand is a solid by the way, but that aside, anyone who goes out of his way to explain to readers that sand is granular... is obviously a twat.