Sunday, January 11, 2015

Gleanings from Facebook

A wonderful conversation on Facebook involving the always-interesting Katy Biggs turned up this picture of a sign in southern Taiwan, asking people to scoop the poop. The image is taken from the famous painting The Gleaners.

A commenter pointed out that The Gleaners is actually familiar to locals in Taiwan, which is why it was chosen.
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Mike Fagan said...

Obviously nicked from the Apple Daily's office.

Mike Fagan said...

Actually, if the local governments are going to be putting up signs like that in the public parks, it's not dog shit they should be targeting. I clean up after my five dogs all the time, but what pisses me off is having to constantly clean up after the Taiwanese themselves. What they should be targeting is the following...

1) Leaving food garbage all over the place, including fish bones and plastic bags. And there's the bags of soiled nappies stuffed into an already overflowing garbage can, which invariably get pulled out and ripped apart by one of the strays. I am sick and fucking tired of picking this shit up.

2) Old men pissing up trees and on public water tanks in the park instead of using the facilities provided. Every time I hear somebody complain about Chinese tourists' kids pissing in airports and restaurants I tell them: come down to my local park in Tainan one afternoon and then tell me the Chinese are dirtier.

3) People driving their scooters through the parks at speed. It's only a matter of time before someone's dog or child is going to get ran over.

4) Dog breeders abandoning female dogs in the park because they can no longer conceive. Guess who gets left with the job of trying to find homes for the poor little sods?

5) There are probably other things I can't remember to complain about... but those as well.

EyeDoc said...

Exactly where this park is?