Thursday, September 18, 2014

Well Organized Crime

Damselflies, always a treat.

Courtney Donovan Smith posted to Taichung AmCham Central Taiwan News.....
In the aftermath of a cop and a suspect both injuring in a shooting battle and the inevitable blame game to follow, Mayor Jason Hu commented that of the 'big 6' metropolises, Taichung so far this year has had the lowest number of shootings, tied with Taipei at only 3. Taoyuan has had 4 this year, New Taipei has had 8 cases, Kaohsiung 12 and Tainan 17 shootings.
Hmmmm.... hmmm.... lessee... what parties are the mayors of those cities from?
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Anonymous said...

Mayor Hu holds a campaign meeting inside the Platinum Panther Gentlemen's Lounge:

Hey, I know you guys have guys to shoot and rackets to protect. In my neighbourhood you got protection. I gotcha! I have given you free reign to dig gravel, shake down businesses, launder money, illegally build..... I have given you an unofficial vote in our zoning meetings and the right to first dibs on your development of choice. You get to inflate your bids for wasteful infrastructure projects on the taxpayer's dime. I give you cops to protect your gambling dens, no!? I have given tax breaks to coffee shops to help you start false front businesses as a way mask your vast income generated from untaxed sales of booze and sex... And let us not forget the cluster of private schools I have helped you build as the ultimate money laundering machine..... I've done all that for you, yes?

Now take the party down to Kaohsiung and whack somebody there. Don't do it on my front porch. Capisce!?

Readin said...

City folks who keep re-electing the same party that screwed them over historically and that continues to mismanage their cities today. Somehow this sounds familiar...