Monday, September 01, 2014

Links + Ma the Irritator + Bonus Ebola Paranoia = Something for everyone

I love my Tokina 100 mm macro.

No blogging today, just too damn busy, but I thought I'd leave you with some links and this unhappy conjecture: lessee... Ebola in Africa... thousands of Chinese workers and investors in Africa... tens of thousands of Taiwanese in China... how long before that circle is closed and we see Ebola here? "Oh, I have pretty serious case of the flu, I think I'll return to Taiwan and have it treated."

The Ma Administration's policy of irritating the US continues with its ongoing exhibition of the ROC's mad claims to the South China Sea. It's a constant reminder of how the KMT's religious claim to be China creates problems for Taiwan. Imagine if China elected to move first not on Taiwan, but on the holdings in the Spratlys while specifically stating it was not moving on Taiwan. What would the US do? Go to war to support ROC sovereignty over the South China Sea? I think not, but it would sure look ugly no matter which way the US played it.
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Anonymous said...

Here is something else interesting: A 700 year old Ming Tomb found during street widening. (China) I wonder if she was thinking about Taiwan...

TaiwanJunkie said...

To Anon regarding the Ming mummy: the comments under the photos are perhaps the best part. Thanks for sharing.

Re HKers now supporting TI: the biggest benefit on this narrative is we finally move out of the TI equals pro Japanese propaganda set up by the KMT.