Sunday, September 28, 2014

Election Collection

A candidate in Yunlin county hangs a sign at a junction of minor roads.

Well, the November local elections are coming up in less than two months. Once again, a view of some of the election posters I've seen in my travels in the last few weeks. No sign of President Ma on any KMT signs! A sure sign of his (un)popularity. Click on READ MORE to see more.

KMT candidate overlooks a road.

Education is my priority, he says

A candidate's banners line a bridge.

At a big intersection in Zhushan.

This on faces the one above.

Taiwan has scores of female candidates.

I dunno why he uses a scooter. Many candidates prefer more athletic props.

Rejects corrupt money, he says.

Like this candidate, many signs mention public construction.

It's sometimes difficult to tell the candidate's sign among a heap of other signs.

This KMT candidate says "Youth builds Taichung". His sign also mentions that he has a masters degree.

Nantou candidates.

He promises efficient service.

He says old people are not a burden and they should get all their money.

Hsinchu candidate.

Like almost all candidates, this one offers vague feel-good promises about making Hsinchu's fortune.

Another candidate puts public construction as a positive.

These candidates tout their aboriginal origins.

Engineering masters degree!

Outside Neiwan.

Turning onto the Hsinchu 60, where there are several aboriginal villages nearby.

A KMT candidate in Xionglin.

NTU masters degree!

Another Xionglin candidate.

Xionglin is our home...

This candidate focuses on hospitals.

Lin Jia-lung, the DPP candidate for Taichung mayor, on a road in Hsinshe.

DPP politicians band together on a Taichung sign.
Notably, the popular DPP mayoral candidate is on many DPP signs in Taichung.

A common solution -- sign hung on betel nut trees.

DPP candidates.

Zhushan KMT candidate.

Ershui candidate.

That has to be the worst pose ever.

Across from the train station in Ershui.

This bunch is also at the train station in Ershui.

A sound truck for current KMT mayor of Taichung Jason Hu.

This candidate is reusing his images from the last election, when bikes were popular imagery.

Taichung DPP candidates.

Youth. Energy. New era! as lots of candidates say.

My friend Charles waits by a candidate.

Change! A common phrase on signs.

KMT Taichung mayor Jason Hu also appears on a few signs.

A Taichung candidate.

A little image of Taichung municipality.

A DPP candidate in Fengyuan.

Uncommonly, this candidate wears a suit.
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d said...

Someone should go around and put big stickers on the KMT posters that say something like "Endorsed by Ma" or "Aligned with Ma"

Anonymous said...

CPC is a state company?
How can they allow using their roof for a candidate?