Monday, February 20, 2012

Events that need your support

I don't have time for full links today, but I wanted to send some of this information around.....

Kevin Skelly fundraiser the 24th:
Kevin was in a terrible accident and is now in a coma. His family needs your support. The Kevin Skelly Support Group on Facebook is here.

Seen on Facebook:
I'm not sure if any of you have seen but an Axing mama in Ping shi has had a cruel attack on her shelter. Someone set fire to the animal food supply and the fire quickly spread killing over 60 dogs and cats. There are still over 100 dogs and cats there who are in need of food and blankets. If you can donate any food or blankets can you please contact Animals Taiwan 02-28338820 and we'll be in charge of transporting it up to ping shi to the dogs and cats in need.
Got this from a longtime reader:
I don't know if you're already aware, but there's a government initiative going on right now to try and improve the English on some gov't websites and it strikes me of being of interest to you. I guess the idea is to take it baby steps at a time, since they're not looking for serious revisions, but rather general pointers, like perhaps "fix everything." At any rate, the project is in the form of a Facebook event called 'Approve or Improve?' over at I'm sure it could use your input, and maybe you could inspire other foreigners to mobilize and flex their English muscles.
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