Sunday, January 30, 2011

Missing Links

During my trip to Sabah this month I finally reached my limit with the Fuji HS10 I purchased earlier this year because (1) it failed due to humidity, leaving me cameraless for 48 hours in Borneo (augh!) and (2) it developed dust on the lens between the lens and the CCD, meaning that every shot now has ghostly spots in it. I had never really been happy with its clunky operation, poorly arranged controls, poor functionality, and gross weight. I spent a couple of days researching cameras and talking with knowledgeable camera types, and finally decided on the Canon Powershot S95 as my next camera. I'd had my eye on it for some time as a second camera, and picked one up yesterday when I dropped off the Fuji to be repaired. As you can see from the macro flower pic above, it takes great shots. In addition to logical and easily operated controls and excellent performance, it also has a large number of fun functions.... the fisheye emulation (my son as the model)....

...and this interesting function that allows you to isolate one color and turn the rest to B&W. Looks like I'll be having a lot of fun with this camera. Hopefully Fuji can fix my HS10 so I'll still have the big lens when I need it.

On to the links you've been missing! But first, give blood if you can, the banks here are critically short.



Had waaaay too much fun with that color accent function that allows you to pick one color out and make the others B&W.

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Jenna said...

I also have a Canon and it's awesome - I have a Powershot A3100IS. I chose it over the S95 because I just didn't want to spend $400 on a camera right now (or rather, I didn't want my husband to do so as it was a Christmas gift). Not when we're saving for Turkey.

But I've heard good things about the S95, and I like that it has the function ring. There is nothing I hate more than electronic menus, and won't buy a camera that features them.

Michael Turton said...

Jenna, that function ring is a great idea. I've fallen deeply in love with this little camera.

Stefan said...

That toll booth article is weird.

A World Bank report in 2007 estimated that mile for mile, Chinese toll rates rivaled those in Germany, where incomes are far more extravagant.

Toll roads? There are none in Germany - at least not where private cars are concerned.

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for Ma to keep his 2008 campaign promise of spending 3% of GDP on defense every year. Of course, maybe I was actually naive enough to believe it.

Anonymous said...

sire, what name of that orange flower? i heard it called Chun Jie Fireworks bceause they come out every Lunear New year on this island

any body know name in Chinese?
Chun Pao or something?

Mad Minerva said...

The flower photos are gorgeous! How about making available hi-res versions for desktop wallpapers...?