Wednesday, February 25, 2009

CECA revealed

From Today's Liberty Times, a sardonic comment on the government's insistence that CECA is "just an FTA." The speaker is saying "CECA is really an FTA."


Hsu Yu Chen said...

Greetings from France.
I think KMT policy will have good chance to be remembered as one of the greatest scam in world history.
How can Taiwanese believe CECA or any other close-ties-with-China policy will bring decisive benefits to Taiwanese people. Historywise, I do not remember any small rich country willing to merge within a larger less-developped entity. In the nineties, West Germany had to pay the hefty price of the reunification with East Germany. Another example, Eastern European countries joined the EU, not the other way round.
By the way, if Taiwan becomes another Chinese province, will the CCP/KMT organize some wealth redistribution between the Taiwan and the other provinces, EU style?
All in all, the KMT reunification plan is against the world history trend. How many countries in 1945? may be 70-80. How about now? 200. An easier access to the world market and technological advances allowed small nations such as Norway, Mauritius Island and of course Taiwan to be viable and prosperous. Taiwanese people definitely deserve a better future.

Wulingren said...

Something tells me that would never make it into print in a US newspaper, but it is quite direct.

iroiro said...

thanks, I understand now !

Anonymous said...

This is great but the artist forgot to add unusually large shoulder pads to Ma's suit.

KHH-YLT said...

Hsu Yu,

CECA is not a policy toward reunification with China. It is not a scam but a practical step to maintain Taiwan's niche. I personally don't prefer to be reunified with China either. But I do support an open policy to save our economy and future for our people. So We may need to consider CECA is a strategic policy to at least push Taiwan into the loop of free trade arena if we do want to maintain our status. Taiwan’s issue is quite different from EU matters. At the end, you may spend some time to acknowledge how China is now. The comments you had about China was something I would have made ten years ago. Taiwan is losing its competitiveness year by year. Why most of strong economy chose to compromise to make deal with China if China is just a less-developed country as you described. During the past ten years, there was dramatic changes in China and Taiwan too. Unfortunately, Taiwan has gone to opposite direction against the prosperity Taiwan used to have ten years ago. We people living in Taiwan should think bigger and more practical for saving our future from reality but not ideology.

Michael Turton said...


Taiwan is "losing competitiveness" because its factories are moving to China, where they are losing the potential to upgrade their management and manufacturing skills, and investing their capital in another country instead of at home.

This discussion is completely irrelevant, however, since CECA is not an attempt to help Taiwan's economy, but just another way to annex the island to China. It is KMT political ideology, not economic need, that drives CECA.