Friday, July 06, 2007

Photographer looks for financial support

This went around the Taiwan Focus List recently:

Hello All:

I'm an American who was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship in Photography to Taiwan in 1998 to create a photography book about Taiwanese culture. Since 1998 I have spent four years traveling Taiwan, taking over 20,000 photographs of many aspects of this unique and diverse culture.

I have recently completed the design of this beautiful book, and am now looking for either individual or group sponsorship to fund the printing costs that will enable me to self-publish this work.

Besides nearly 100 photographs that celebrate Taiwan's rich culture, the book also contains writing and powerful posters that are very pro Taiwan independence and deals directly with China's ruthless and despicable attempts to annex Taiwan. This book will be sold and marketed throughout the US, Europe, and Asia.

My goal and my hope is that the book will assist in creating more awareness of Taiwan's historical fight to stay a free and democratic country.

I have recently created a website for my book that contains photographs and more information for prospective sponsors.

The website address is:

I reside in Kaohsiung with my wife. Thank you very much for your time.

Respectfully Yours,

Michael Walsh
Artist and Fulbright Scholar



Gridman said...

What do we have?

(1) Some pictures of (mostly) tatooed Asians on a googlepages website. (This is vibrant , pro-independence imagery?)

(2) An 11-year old photo book on grafitti in San Francisco listed on by someone with a fairly common name

(3) Ad copy that appears to be trying to push emotional buttons with talk of China's dispicable behavior aimed at a group of people likely to be swayed by that type of talk

(4) The always suspicious concept of looking-for-sponsors-to-self-publish-my-book.

Shouldn't there be alarm bells ringing on this one?

I know times have changed with improvements in technology, but there was a time when self-publishing books was always a scam. Caveat emptor

Peter said...

Out of 20,000 photos those are the 10 he puts on his website. Yikes!