Friday, September 01, 2006

NY Sun: Good article on Shih, Lin, and Political Assaults on President Chen

The NY Sun had a good article today discussing recent political developments on the's not often the foreign media shows a real understanding of the island...

Mr. Chen has rejected the mounting calls for him to step down, two years before his second four-year term expires. And for good reasons, I believe. Yes, Mr. Chen's image has been tainted by recent developments. His son-in-law, Chao Chien-ming has been indicted on charges of insider trading. First Lady Wu Shu-chen has been questioned about accepting department store gift vouchers. His former deputy chief-of-staff, Chen Che-nan, faces corruption charges. And Mr. Chen himself is being investigated for an under-documented portion of his state affairs budget. I'm all for the downfall of Mr. Chen if he's to be found guilty of any violation of the law by the judiciary. However, the president hasn't even been charged yet and there's no credible indication of such an outcome.

Politics is politics and the opposition is under no obligation to be nice to Mr. Chen. In a democracy, the opposition has every right to make life miserable for the ruling party, as along as they're doing it within the existing channels to play the game. However, they have tried their hands to evict Mr. Chen from office and failed — a vote on a possible recall referendum on the president was defeated at the Legislative Yuan, or parliament, two months ago. The Pan-Blue camp now is trying to mobilize the people to topple a democratically-elected government. This is not the way to address your grievances — the ballot box is.

And if you haven't read it, former AIT Chairman Nat Bellocchi's commentary yesterday in the Taipei Times should not be missed:

These days, Taiwanese media spend almost all of their energy on producing stories about the need for President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) to step down, despite the lack of judicial evidence that he has committed any illegal act. The purpose of all this is not primarily to destroy the president, but to keep him and his government occupied on this issue while the pan-blue opposition prepares for the forthcoming elections.

The opposition has failed to have Chen legally recalled and now is turning to political means. The difference in the present effort is that it is being made by non-governmental organizations and individuals, based primarily on information that has not been proven.

Nonetheless, it has generated a large number of supporters, mostly pan-blue of course, but also some intellectuals and dissatisfied pan-green followers. However, increasingly we now see more of the intellectuals, some of whom were originally gung-ho with their anti-Chen rhetoric, questioning the wisdom of bringing Chen down.


Jason said...

Can you believe the guy used to write for the Apple Daily?

He's written a lot of other good stuff on Taiwan since jumping ship. Well worth keeping an eye out for.

Battlepanda said...

I've heard that Apple Daily, despite its lurid reputation, has good political commentary also.

As for the whole "dao Bian" situation, it makes me tremendously sad. If Chen steps down now, it would set a terrible precident -- guilt by association, scuttlebutt unsubstantiiated by the courts and mass hysteria would now become established means of forcing a rival out of power. The level of political discourse in Taiwan is already unsustainably low. Any lower and we'd all be rolling in the gutter.

On the other hand, I am certainly not a Chen fan. I think he allowed his selfish desire for personal political survival overtake the longterm well-being of his party and his political ideals. Had he given up power voluntarily when things started looking untenably hairy for him (maybe around the time of his son in law's scandal first broke), he would have salvaged a lot of goodwill and handed the better part of a term to Annette Lu. The DDP would then have a chance to prove itself and leave the scandal behind before 2008. Similarly, I don't think Clinton did anything wrong that merited impeachment -- the rightwing just went insane. Nevertheless, if he graciously handed power to Al Gore and defused the scandal in its tracks, we might not have to call Bush president right now.

Anonymous said...

432. September plot (8/30/06)

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vvv said...

People who are against the dao Bian campaign always say: 'but the courts, the courts!' What if the courts are not impartial and have no credibility with the Taiwan people? If that's the case, people will certainly not want to wait for the courts.