Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Polynesians Originally from Taiwan

Reuters reports that Genes suggest Polynesians came from Taiwan:

A genetic study helps confirm the theory that Polynesians, who settled islands across a vast swathe of ocean, started out in Taiwan, researchers reported on Monday.

Mitochondrial DNA, which is passed along virtually unchanged from mothers to their children, provides a kind of genetic clock linking present-day Polynesians to the descendants of aboriginal residents of Taiwan.

Samples taken from nine indigenous Taiwanese tribes -- who are different ethnically and genetically from the now-dominant Han Chinese -- show clear similarities between the Taiwan groups and ethnic Polynesians, Jean Trejaut and Marie Lin of Mackay Memorial Hospital in Taipei and colleagues reported.


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Jason said...

About time we put this "Taiwan's aborigines are from the lakes region on China" horseshit to bed... both the PRC and the pan-blues have maintained this to "prove" everything in Taiwan came from China.