Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Swamped again

I'm snowed under here, so I am curtailing posts to this blog this week. But I did want to note that the Project on Defense Alternatives has its Iraq report

Vicious Circle: The Dynamics of Occupation and Resistance in Iraq

Up and ready to be read. It's damning stuff, and should be read by anyone with an interest in our ongoing and broadening defeat there.

There's a mass of articles collected here on Chinese Military Power ...David, Maddog? Should keep you guys busy for some time. I think the first chapter of my Taiwan book is going to be Misrepresenting Taiwan



Tim Maddog said...

I don't remember doing the time warp...

Did this just show up in my Bloglines feeds tonight, or have I, too, been swamped and haven't been keeping up with everything like I should? ;-)

I'll have to have a more thorough look at the page about Chinese military power. I followed the "Taiwan Confrontation" link on that page. On the page that follows, there are subsequent links to some who are well-informed (Tkacik), others who should be viewed with caution when it comes to Taiwan (Pan), and still others who draw unfortunate conclusions while themselves swirling in a time warp (Swaine's mixed tenses while discussing the March 2004 referendum and coming to a vague conclusion about somebody having a "confrontation with the United States, possibly involving armed conflict"). Actually, it looks like there's nothing more recent that July 2004 on the "confrontation" page.

I've also just noticed the link to my blog over there-----> on the right. Thanks. I will return the favor forthwith.

Anonymous said...

I loved your blog. Wish I had more time to read this week....