Friday, May 13, 2005

Letters from Abroad

I get a lot of letters like this:

Dear Sir,

This is _____ from the Philippines. I just read your web site about Taiwan View and employement on language teacher. Sir, where can i apply for a teaching position? I am a graduate of Master's Degree and I am very much willing to teach in Taiwan. Presently, Im an Instrutress from one of the university here in the Philippines. Before, I handled English subject in Secondary School, presently I am hadling College students majoring computer subjects like Information Technology and Computer Technology.
I'm hoping for your kind consideration. Thank You and God Bless!

Respectfully Yours,

What can I do?


The Spaceman said...

While I am not an employer, I have had the privilege of reading many resumes that read something to that effect. Some of which have been submitted by native English speakers.

An employer anywhere in the world would disregard an applicant if there is so much as a spelling mistake on their resume. I suspect this letter falls into that category as well.

Anonymous said...

screw that! spelling is not that important. screw this mentality that says the cover lettter has to be spelled correctly and follow certain rules. a good teacher might not be a good speller or letter writer, but an excellent teacher and worker.

I would hire that person based on an interview in person face to face. The reason the world is so screwed up now is everyone is so antsy following all the damn spelling rules and saying well if they cannot even spell, i would not even hire them. wrong.

you will miss some good teachers that way.

stop being so prissy