Thursday, February 19, 2009

Daily Links, Feb 19, 2008

Plenty of nice scenery on the blogs today...
  • Fan tours help Japanese and Korean tourism in Taiwan

  • stats from last quarter, with brutal 8% drop in GDP for the quarter

  • Taoyuan Nights on our plummeting GDP.

  • Interview Me with a beautiful post on cherry blossoms and Taiwan

  • Three Taiwanese films in documentary festival at MOMA.

  • Fool's Mountain on who owns the treasures of China...lots of commments

  • Neil Wade has great blogpost on hiking in Taiwan with excellent pics. He'll be talking at the next photo club meeting in Taipei.

  • Steve Crook on the solar museum in Chiayi

  • Support the Green Party by joining a tea for its candidate in Da-an.

  • Kelake on innovation

  • Red A has observations on Costco, steel....

  • Mutantfrog comments on the interview with a Tongyung supporting linguist in the Taipei Times. The sooner Tongyung dies, the better, as this Taipei Times letter writer agrees.

  • The Shorty Method advises Taiwan HS students to sit in the front. Ha! Good luck, it's the same in college man.

  • Fili visits Maolin and some tunnels.

  • China has drought woes (China Beat), and so do we -- southern Taiwan hasn't gotten any rain in this unusually warm winter
  • .
  • My Several Worlds interviews Craig Ferguson

  • Pashan on the Fuba National Trail

  • I didn't get a chance to blog on it, but A-gu has a link to Next Media's appointment of a close Ma aide as head of one of their media organizations. There's way too much focus on overt control of the media, and much less on how the KMT keeps its grip on Taiwan by keeping its supporters in key posts in all social institutions.
  • MEDIA: Chairman of TSMC embroiled in Chen corruption case. Taiwan and Japan to hold fishing talks for first time in 4 years. Taiwan banks will leverage their cultural ties to outperform global banks in China. In other news, Vanuatu Cargo Cult group claims vintage B-17s actually landed on their mock WWII airstrip. China backs down over military sales to Taiwan. Taiwan News on why Clinton's visit to Beijing matters to Taiwan. President Ma reassures the public that the CECA pact with China will not sell out Taiwan. In other news, Steinbrenner says Billy Martin's job is safe. Asia Times on China's links with Africa. The online Formosa Post of Veep Lu will be inaugurated on July 1. DGBAS says Taiwan's economy will shrink by 2.97% in 2009. That's 2.97, not 2.96 or 2.98 -- get it right, folks. The NT is undervalued, which will cause an array of problems, even as the government tries to encourage exports by cutting the NT. Tamalin culture artifacts unearthed. The Art Museum in Taichung explores the meaning of "home." A good exhibit, I recommend it. Foreign Policy in Focus, always a great site for exploring the world, has a good short piece on China's power demand, wind, and coal.

    BLAST FROM THE PAST: NED piece on our democracy here from 2008.

    EVENTS: Photo Club meets Sunday in Taipei. See the left sidebar under HOT! HOT! HOT! for details.


    Steve said...

    The discussion on the artifacts was interesting at times, and ridiculously frustrating at others. I can't for the life of me figure out how the Hiroshima memorial or the Nanjing one are relevant, particularly when people were making up crap or simply repeating myths they'd learned growing up to "support" their stances.

    Robert R. said...

    President Ma reassures the public that the CECA pact with China will not sell out Taiwan.

    Today the TT has the interview itself... with some choice quotes. "The voices of the 27 DPP legislators sound pretty loud to me." So loud, in fact, that he doesn't listen.

    Anyway, his reassurance that it won't harm sovereignty is proof to me that it will, as 90% of his statements (in general) seem to be blatantly false (i.e. campaign promises being an inverse roadmap).