Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chen: Engage brain before.....

You know, I was going to write on Chen Shui-bian's ridiculous outburst in court yesterday, but go read about it yourself. Chen should have confined himself to a few pertinent and brief remarks about the judiciary, Taiwan independence, etc. Instead he attacked Lee Teng-hui and the DPP-allied TSU, and spread a scurrilous story about Ma Ying-jeou's sex life, which is nobody's business but Ma's (apparently there is a DVD). That the story is widely believed is no excuse. High time the former President learned to STFU and let the KMT make a martyr out of him, which they seem almost desperately eager to do.

Meanwhile, in the case, Chen's lawyers have begun their rebuttal:
Former president Chen Shui-bian’s (陳水扁) lawyers yesterday rebutted Chen’s testimony as well as the testimonies of all 17 witnesses during the second day of a three-day hearing on money laundering and corruption charges.

Chen’s lawyers, Cheng Wen-lung (鄭文龍) and Shih Yi-ling (石宜琳), began their defense by questioning the accuracy of witness testimonies gathered since the beginning of the investigation.

In addition to refuting witness testimonies, Cheng also rejected the foreign bank statements used as evidence to prove alleged money laundering by the former first family.

“These testimonies are unreliable because of missing sections on the recordings, and they were made under duress by witnesses who feared the threat of detention. In addition, the confessions are based on ‘rumors’ with no substantiating evidence so they should not be admissible as evidence,” Cheng said. “As for the bank statements, to qualify and be admissible as evidence, they should be in Chinese, not English.”
The lawyers had been arguing that the recordings of the witness testimony contained gaps and in some cases no sound at all, and were therefore invalid.


cfimages said...

I'm wondering if CSB is ranting like this because he's hoping to be found medically unfit to continue the trial. His version of an insanity plea maybe.

Tim Maddog said...

Michael, it's unfortunate that the media is reporting that element the way they are, but I think the point is that the information in question (regarding both Ma and Lee Teng-hui) came from the prosecutors themselves, yet while they haven't done anything about these other cases, they have pursued Chen Shui-bian's case to the ends of the earth and still don't have the guilty verdict that they want.

Yes, if Ma and Mack did anything like the reports are implying, that would be there own business. But if Ma has anything to do with Mack being deported, that would be different.

Another point is that the focus by the media on the "scandalous" element of this story decreases the attention being given to the problematic witness testimony videos. The prosecutors could put anything in the transcript of somebody like Jeffrey Koo, and if he got a reduced sentence in return, why wouldn't he sign the paper saying the transcript was "accurate"?

This whole case is a sham!

Tim Maddog

Anonymous said...

Sexual Chocolate!

Thomas said...

I agree with both of you. I agree with Michael because I think that Chen only hurts himself (and the DPP) by blurting out salacious stories that are unrelated to his case. However, I read the translation of what he said. He didn't say it in a "let me tell you all the juicy details" sort of way. It was very much an "X has done this, Y has done this, so why are you picking on me" presentation, and he didn't go on and on about it. But what has the media done? Focused on that one salacious detail (which many people believe anyways, so is hardly earth-shattering). Chen does need to shut his mouth, but I don't know if, in this case, he is the lesser party.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break--Ma can do better than Chocolate!

STOP Ma said...

“Mr Ma is very masculine. It is impossible for him to have had an affair with this guy nicknamed ‘Chocolate,’” Chang said.

I'm sorry, I had to laugh on the floor at this excerpt in the TT. Jeezus, if Taiwan only had a Jon Stewart.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Progress has been made. Twenty years ago, they came to your house planted evidence to put you in jail. These days, they doctor the evidence. That’s progress!

Dixteel said...

"Yes, if Ma and Mack did anything like the reports are implying, that would be there own business."

It's a personal business, yes, but it's still not a lawful act to have an affair...etc. And depending on the situation, if it's inappropriate behaviour during office hour...

Remember Bill Clinton? He almost got impeached for doing this type of stuff.

But yea, Taiwan has much bigger problems to focus on...these small potatoes are probably not worth the time...well, except if one wants to make some jokes out of it, maybe.

(with one finger pointing upward) "I repeat, I did not have sexual relationship with that Big Mack Chocolate Supreme."

Dixteel said...

Now I think of can make so many bad jokes with this...

Remember that time when the Army tried to kiss CBS's ass by yelling "Mr. President, you are my chocolate." I wonder if Mr. Chen feels a chill down his spine now when he thought about it.

And why doesn't Ma fire Premier Lui, but indeed very supportive of him? Because Milk + Chocolate = Creamy Hot Milk Chocolate...HMM...DELICIOUS. (To understand this one you need significant insight into the useless paparazzi).

Anonymous said...

So which was Ma--butch or bitch?

Anonymous said...

First, I think it is homophobic. Whether it is true or not, it goes to continue to demean homosexual behavior and cast it as "deviant".

It is funny from the standpoint that Mr. Ma ran (no pun intended) on a platform of good looks and heterosexual masculine appeal... and that was about it.

Regardless, the DPP needs to find a way to attack Ma on issues that stick a little closer to their roots as people fighting for human rights. By dragging out sophomoric homophobic insults at Ma the DPP loses its integrity.

There is so much dirt relevant to Ma's government that could be used against him and against the prosecution/persecution of Chen, there is no need for the "Ma is a homo" line of attack.

It is stuff like this that makes me tell people I am NOT a supporter of the DPP, but of Taiwan.

Grow up DPP.

reeb said...

That insinuation is the strangest (and funniest) thing that I've ever heard in Taiwan. (Ma a chocolate fudgepacker)

If it's not true, Ma should sue. Where is Scoop magazine when you need it? We need another CMF scandal (for distraction away from the economy) when the CSB trial is over.

Anonymous said...

From the TT:

KMT Legislator Chang Sho-wen (張碩文) accused Chen of fabricating the allegations, saying that the former president was jealous because “Ma is more popular and handsome” than Chen.

...and then he bitch slapped him silly.

Dixteel said...

"First, I think it is homophobic."

For some people, it might be, but indeed that's not right. However, we don't have to look at it that way.

Just because Chocolate is a man, not a woman, that should not be the issue. If Chocolate is a woman, Ma had an affair. If Chocolate is a man, Ma had an affair. In another word, it does not matter if it's a homosexual relationship or a heterosexual relationship, both are wrong because Ma is married. And being married might have legal and moral consequences.

The main point is not "Ma is homo," but "Ma had an affair." But indeed, the DPP politicians and media should keep focus on the serious issues. This personal affair doesn't really matter to Taiwan, and KMT might even use it to make pan green loss focus on the dire danger Taiwan is facing now. Plus...we don't even know for sure 100% if this thing really happened.

Anonymous said...

What's amazing to me is how muted the media has been about this whole thing relative to other news stories. There's occasionally a 10 second story and they brush it off and say "eh, the tape is fake, next". Compare this with the 3 hours per day that the media here spends following Chen Sui-Bian's daughter around New York with no real purpose except just to harass her for entertainment's sake.

Come on, you're talking about the PRESIDENT BEING ACCUSED OF HAVING AN EXTRAMARITAL AFFAIR IN A GAY PORN FILM WITH A BLACK GUY WHO GOT DEPORTED FROM THE COUNTRY AND HAS SYPHILLIS! What do you think the media would be doing if a DPP president were accused of the same thing?

Fair and balanced all right. Jeepers.

Anonymous said...

This is almost as absurdly as the scene in the gay film, La Cage aux Folles, where the Minister of Moralite learns that the Prime Minister of France has died from heart attack while having sex with an under-aged black prostitute (and this just before he learns that his daughter is going to marry the son of a gay nightclub owner who produces drag shows. producer!

I mean, Ma and the DJ? True or not, it's brilliant!

Michael Turton said...

"American Aslohe"

1. I have deleted the offending comment. Sometimes they just slip through. Sorry.

2. My own position is quite clear:
"and spread a scurrilous story about Ma Ying-jeou's sex life, which is nobody's business but Ma's"